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19-21 Июля 2024 - July 19-21, 2024   +7 (918) 226-50-22   

This agreement is between the Maykop International Film Festival (MMFF) and film producers.

This agreement shall enter into force immediately upon submission of the application.

MMFF has no restrictions on genres and directions of films.

The duration should be no more than 240 minutes.

The film should be shot after January 1, 2021.

The film does not have to be a premiere.

All films selected for the festival must not violate the law of the Russian Federation and moral and ethical standards.

All materials are submitted only online on the websites of the festival's partners or directly by e-mail only for promotions and newsletters.

The selection of films is handled by the jury of the festival.

The jury considers only those films whose authors have paid the entry fee on the partner sites.

The entry fee is non-refundable and does not give a 100% guarantee of showing the film at the festival.

All materials that will be sent to the MMFF will not be returned.

MMFF has the right to use all promotional materials and movie trailers for posting on the festival's website, and on media channels and social networks.

Russian Russian and non-English language materials must have English or Russian subtitles for selection.
Films that have passed the official selection, we recommend having Russian subtitles.

Festival participants must send us a copy of their film in any digital format, online.

Films selected for screening at the festival must pass all state checks. Obtaining rental certificates for non-commercial screening at festivals is not mandatory in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation.

MMFF helps to make subtitles and pass all the necessary checks for obtaining all documents for display in state instances, for a fee, which is negotiated individually.

MMFF has the right to change the dates and time of the event, as well as the venue and other information in this agreement at any time. MMFF is not obliged to notify film producers of changes.
When submitting an application, you agree to receive emails with news, promotions and other material.

The new agreement comes into force immediately after publication on the festival's website and on partner websites.

The submission of the application is an electronic signature, by this you agree to all the conditions prescribed above.

The organizer of the festival is an autonomous non-profit organization in the field of arts development "Festival Plus".