Timing 0:18:37
Country RUSSIA

Timashevsk is the center of the food industry of the Krasnodar Territory. A city riddled with traffic arteries. Timashevsk enterprises provide products not only to Kuban, but also to the whole of Russia. On duty, we managed to visit a city that surprised us. That's why we created this movie. The film tells first of all about the people Timashevsk is proud of. Talented and creative, with a big heart and soul, they make it alive and make the industrial, creative, cultural and patriotic heart of the city beat. A huge mechanism that is driven by the residents of Timashevsk, its living heroes. We will tell you about the city's industry, its main enterprises and facilities. We will reveal the history of Timashevsk and tell about the fate of the Stepanov family. We will show outstanding personalities who glorify him with their work. The film reflects important aspects of modernity and the main values of the Russian people: family, unity, culture, history, continuity of generations, craft, creativity, work and human feat. This subtle lyrical picture touches on national issues and reveals them through the prism of the life of the city of Timashevsk.