Timing 0:58:08
Country RUSSIA
Directed by ANNA MAKEEVA

Future. The irreparable happened, the sun became dangerous for people. A few people who are hiding from sunlight in closets in an anti-radiation house survived. Thanks to a certain Shepherd, they have the opportunity to eat. The shepherd has the ability to convert energy into a nutritious liquid. Philip, the main character, is very tired of living in fear, he dreams of freedom, of the sun. In the conditions of the dangerous sun, he looks like a stupid dreamer. He finds in his closet a small sprout that has sprouted in an amazing way. People only come out of their closets at night. The shepherd constantly escalates the situation of fear and says that if it were not for him and his abilities, everyone would have died. Therefore, everyone listens to him. And they are afraid. The bowel movements of each person should normally be white, if the liquid turns yellow, such a person is sick and he is isolated. Since he loses the instinct of self-preservation and becomes dangerous to society. Today, a certain Vasily turned out to be ill, and he was isolated.