Genre of Popular Science film
Timing 1:16:12
Country RUSSIA
Directed by ALEX PLATH

No matter how humanity tries to drive the thought of death into the farthest corners of our consciousness and stop thinking about it, we know that our body is mortal, and one day it will cease to exist. And then what? Why is earthly life given to a person and according to what laws does the Soul return to the body? The tape tells about the scientific research of a young man, which is carried out in preparation for a school scientific and practical conference. It is not a child's theme, chosen by the young man for his work, that opens the veil of the mystery of life after death and the eternal existence of the Soul. The truth is revealed thanks to scientific data collected from people who have survived a coma and studies of the method of regressive hypnosis. In the course of his research, the young man conducts an experiment of regressive hypnotherapy on himself, opening up new knowledge about the existence of the Soul, karma, and God for us.